New Years Knitting and Resolutions To Knit Even More

I quite happily annoyed my whole family on New Years eve by asking each one of them to share their resolutions for 2017 with me. I was not happy with a “err I don’t know…” and continued to ask until my family had at least pondered it for a minute. Understandably they asked to know mine and I was happy to share!

My not so very inventive or original list of resolutions:

The easy ones…

  • Crochet lots!
  • Knit more
  • Draw again (cause I have missed it)

The standard stupid cliché ones…

  • Get fitter and healthier
  • Be happier
  • Be more adventurous 
  • Visit a new country
  • Read more

The meaningful ones…

They may not seem too meaningful but to me they will be tough and will take a lot of effort on my part.

  • Go vegan or at least a bit more vegan, because I don’t like hurting other creatures in any way. It will be hard and yes cheese is yummy but this is important to me and I can do it!
  • Be free. I value being free so much and my greatest fear at times is losing that freedom. I put a whole lot of restrictions on myself with a poor self esteem and my mind builds walls with ny anxiety, preventing me from being truly free. I can be what I want to be in 2017 or at least get a bit closer to it.

I am pleased to report that I have knitted or crocheted every day in January, worn clothes that represent me to work and worn my hair to show my undercut again.
Bring on 2017!

Please share what your resolutions are for the year and we can encourage each other to reach those goals!

Crochet Therapy

I watch a lot of tv shows, right now I am on Episode 10 (Season 2) of The Walking Dead and I started watching this show yesterday… I justify this by crocheting and knitting a hell of a lot.

The thing is, I watch tv because most of the time my mind is so crazy busy that I need something to distract me from the painful thoughts. Maybe it makes my mind more busy, perhaps that is the case, but most of the time it helps me to switch off. What helps even more to calm my mind is crochet. When I feel like I can’t do anything and my mind is too overwhelmed to function properly, I crochet.

Some people will get it, some people won’t. I don’t particularly care if you think I am being dramatic. But some people, like me, struggle to calm our thoughts and silence the anxiety. When that struggle becomes too much, I find it hard to do much and I can’t be around people, so I watch a tv show and crochet. The tv shows that are the most far flung from reality help. Reality is tough and scary. So watching a vampire show takes me away.

Crochet also takes me away. A few weeks ago, I crocheted so much I got a repetitive strain injury. I have not known such arm pain in my life, my arm was numb, it was stinging, it was twitching. The pain didn’t scare me, it was the thought of not being able to crochet again that freaked the hell out of me. How would I be able to switch off if I couldn’t crochet? How would I remind myself that I was capable of doing something if I couldn’t crochet?

Crochet reminds me that I can focus on something, that it is possible to calm my mind. I am so grateful for it.

So I will go back to crochet now, but I will leave you with a photo of my Christmas tree until I blog again later (I have decided to try blogging to feel better)




Cable Knitted Banana pattern

I have recently written up a pattern for a Cable Knitted Banana !


I am very proud of it as it the first pattern I have written – so I hope you enjoy making it !

I designed the banana a while ago for a knitting competition, but I didn’t write the pattern out properly then. So when I came to writing up my notes, they were all a bit confusing, so it took a while to finally write it up. I have tested the pattern by knitting it out again and it doesn’t take too long to knit 🙂


Here is the link to my first ever pattern Cabled Banana Pattern !

I hope this will soon be one pattern among many 🙂

Happy banana knitting !



I was reading Crochet Saved my Life (well I think that is where I read it) and this book suggested that using colourful yarn can boost your mood, so I though why not I will see if this works! So I bought a whole lot of Women’s Institute yarn from Hobbycraft because I think it has the nicest colour palette.


I love granny squares but I knew that I wanted to try something new, and I spotted a beautiful square called Sunburst and followed a pattern by Nittybits. The pattern is very easy to follow and I just love sunbursts ! Very addicted !


I started off by making one up fully and then I made a few of each colour in round round.


Once I had done round one, I moved on to round two. Just look at the colours! I just love looking at them in my plarn basket 🙂

IMG_20140413_130948 IMG_20140416_202941 IMG_20140419_101405 IMG_20140426_145823

I now have almost completed round three of all my sunbursts and will have 21 of each outer colour. I will do another post soon once I have all of them done! But for now just look at my pile of sunbursts at round two below and imagine how long it took me to get that far!




Writing up my patterns!

So I am taking the plunge and giving myself the task of writing down a pattern. I have been motivated to do this by some lovely people who have contacted me recently requesting a pattern of my Knitted Banana and my Flying Spaghetti Monster!

I am starting with my knitted Banana 🙂 I have a feeling I will need a lot of caffeine this weekend! 



This pattern will be difficult to do but this was the first pattern request.

Rather excited about trying to write a pattern and a little nervous! I did take notes first time round but they are really vague.. Do bare with me and I hope it makes sense!

I will tackle a Flying Spaghetti monster pattern once I write the Cabled Banana one up!



Crochet Jean rag rug


In the summer of the olympics 2012 I made a lot of new things, a jean rag rug was something that I had never made before. The idea came from a retro crochet book that my mum has  and from that I was inspired to turn my little brothers ripped jeans into something useful!


I started by cutting up the jeans so that they formed a long spiral instead of having to tie multiples of ends together!



I took a basic oval pattern from my mums retro book and started crocheting! The first time didn’t turn out so well, it was a bit bumpy and didn’t lie flat. So I had to restart it but I am happy I did because it turned out really well in the end.


My brothers dog stan loves to sit on anything that I make, so he happily posed for me !


The world at your fingertips!

My friend made a joke about how she wished she could hold the world in her hand. What she didn’t know was that I was thinking about how I could make it happen, in a knitted way of course.

I didn’t search for a knitting pattern for it that thoroughly because I wanted to design it myself. I got some inspiration from a book of Christmas baubles and I came up with my own pattern for a sphere world using 5 double pointed needles.

This is the original chart that I used for the first little knitted world ;



Here are some photos of it in progress !

20121221_205357 20121221_233417 20121221_233435 20121225_102632 20121225_102639


Once I had finished it I was so pleased with myself for having designed it all on my own!  I made two, one for my friend and one for my boyfriend. The first one that I made was slightly smaller than the second one, as you can see below ;

20121229_131052 20121229_131100


Also the first one (on the right side) had way too small ice caps. I imagine the world will look like this in the future after the ice caps have melted for a few more years!



I am super pleased with my little knitted world and I hope to come up with a pattern soon that I will list on Ravelry!

Here are some more pics of the second world that I made. It’s prettier with a nicer colour of blue for the sea 🙂

20121229_132005 20121229_131122 20121229_131005 20121229_130957 20121229_131109