new cake – vol o wat??

Vol o vent
SO i made I vol o vent, it is pretty much this cute little specimen here, I got the pattern from simply knitting magazine – which is so good, by the way! I had never heard of vol o vents before but they look so sweet! I had to teach myself how to crochet the white center and the little green i-cord on the top, so I’m rather pleased with this baby!

A whale of a time

moby the whale

I finished this little fella a week ago, I made this mainly because I think he is cute but I do want to give him to someone at some point, might end up in someones stocking! I got the pattern for him from Jean Greenhowe’s booklet, her designs are lovely and the patterns are easy to do! Trust me it is! There is a baby whale pattern so, I might make another one and then they will be a pair – awh!

Favourite websites

Most of my knitting inspiration comes from the net!
I also use a lot of patterns from ‘Simply Knitting’ Magazine, which is out every month but I have not got one recently!
The websites that inspire me the most are :

I also use a lot of knitting blogs for inspiration and ideas, for example,

I hvae plans to make the cute little bird from ‘knitted toy box’.