Back in November we went to an AMAZING charity shop in Rennes, it is called Emmaus.

It has a very quirky little system to buy things in this charity shop, for example, I wanted to buy a little leather file but there was no price on it, so I had to go to a desk and ask. The lady told me it was 2 euro and she wrote it on a little bit of paper. I had to take the bit of paper to another cash desk to pay and then once I had paid (and my piece of paper was stamped to say so) I went back to the original desk to retrieve my leather file. I would only get my file once I had shown her that my piece of paper was stamped!

I had to do this process about five times as there are different departments too , just to make it more complicated!

There was a clothes section, bric a brak and furniture section, haberdashery section and a book section! And I almost bought things in every section.  It was the haberdashery that I liked the most evidently!

I got all the wool and needles in the picture above for about 4 euro, so I really liked Emmaus! It was useful that they had lots of random balls of wool in loads of boxes, I am going to knit smaller things so I don’t need large balls of wool.


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