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The more I look online and search through knitting the blogs the more I realise how many talented people there are out there!!

I love knitting things that don’t really have a proper purpose which is why I love this pattern for a butternut squash – love!

I’m rather sleepy right now otherwise I would sit and thoroughly look through the blog and add the patterns to my ravelry account!

Something in the Water goes to Aashe!

CrochEt Cetera by Connie Lee

Our beautiful reef of crocheted plastic bags has made another public appearance!

See what Wendy had to say about it in her most recent blog post:

October 9 -11, 2011 our reef was on view for 2,000 participants at Aashe, an international sustainability in higher education conference, to check out. This was the first year that the conference included art and our project was one of only two pieces included. People were very curious and interested in the materials, ideas, and participants. I showed visitors how to crochet plastic bags and quite a few gave it a try. One insightful person remarked on how the piece ‘draws one in as a kind of Dr. Suessical landscape, then once one’s attention is captured the dark reality of the eco-underpinnings hit even harder…’

Wendy is also looking for managers who would like to head up the creation of new reefs…

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Pink Plarn Bag for October


A few days ago my good friend Chris who owns and operates one of the cutest shops in Lakewood called Crafty Goodness gave me her sizable stash of pink plastic grocery bags along with several fabric belts.  Among the belts was a very tween-y pink and white striped number from Aeropostale, complete with a huge heart-shaped buckle!

I knew right away that I wanted to make another messenger-style bag with these new materials.  After starting over three times, I finally settled on the crochet hook and color pattern that I wanted to use.

This time around I went for my chunkiest hook, so as to make the bag lighter and more flexible.  Since it is a smaller design than my last messenger-style bag I think that this worked well.

This was my first time integrating white plastic bags into a tapestry crochet design.  I really like how the white and…

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