Knitted beret – i am number four and X-men first class

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I just watched ‘I am number four’ today and I spotted a knitted hat that I absolutely love! I have seen a design similar to it before in X-men first class which I took a ‘print screen’ of ages ago.

It is a bit difficult to see the pattern in this photo – but it’s the best I could manage. If you cannot see it very well it’s a moss stitch beret with 1×1 rib around the edge.

Here is the beret from behind and as you can see it is pratically identical to the beret in X-Men first class –

I have since been trawling the internet for a pattern but have not come across one suitable yet. I did come across a pattern very similar in Debbie Bliss’, ‘The knitter’s year, BUT it is a beret for children and it has cables on it – grr!

And she made another one which is for a child again but more or less what I want for an adult – rage

SO if any of you out there know of a pattern that is like the berets from the movies please leave me a comment. If the pattern is free that would make it even better!

Granny square blankets on True Blood

I started watching True Blood about a month ago – I’ve taken a bit of a break recently from it – and I was pleasantly surprised to spot granny square blankets on it!

I would be more likely to copy this first blanket – it’s so pretty, I love the use of the black in it. It made me sooo happy to see it in True Blood – not just sex, blood and swearing! But crochet too!!

This crochet blanket was in Lafayette’s house – and he curled up in it after his vampire ordeal. This blanket was spotted in the second season, episodes 3 and 4 I believe.

I was happy to find that other people had spotted it too and gone as far as writing a pattern for it !

Check out the pattern on Ravelry – but the colours that the ravelry designer used are not as nice as the True blood one.



I spotted another granny square blanket on True Blood – not quite as good this time – but nonetheless granny square blankets are cool!

This blanket was seen in Series 2 Episode 2

Hope you enjoyed seeing granny squares on True Blood as much as I did!

Suits for a pigeon

I spotted this image on someone else’s blog and thought I would do the same!

I would love to be able to one day make crochet animals as beautiful as this one. It is important to note that the pigeon itself is hand carved out of wood and then the crochet aspect is more like a suit – pretty cool. she describes them as ‘suits for urban pigeons’.

The artist is Laurel Roth and she uses a variety of media, but I especially love her crochet pigeon suits in different colours

Ella es: Ale Trisciuzzi “Bichus”

Even if you can’t read Spanish it’s worth just scanning this post for the pictures. The artist mainly crochets – and it is very inspirational

Lana Connection

Qué podemos decir de Ale, ella es incondicional, siempre está ahí cuando a cualquiera de las laneras le surge una duda. Ayuda con su conocimiento a todo el que le necesita. Incansable tejedora, con sus Bichus alegra el mundo amigurumi…

Con todos vosotros: Ella es: Ale Trisciuzzi

¿Cuándo y por qué comenzaste a tejer?

Mis primeros tejidos fueron cuando tenia 6 o 7 años, con un tricotin que me hizo mamá con un centro de hilo de madera y cuatro clavos. Hacia competencias con mi hermana a ver quien tejia mas.

Mas tarde alredor de mis 15 años empece con dos agujas y teji muchas bufandas, sweters, camisetas de hilo, y siempre segui tejiendo alguna que otra cosa.

Ya en España retome las agujas pero esta vez quise aprender ganchillo. Fue entonces cuando descubrí el mundo de los Amigurumis y ya no pude pasar ni un día sin tejer algo.


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