Shauna Richardson and her ‘Anything Can Be Art’ Crochetdermy

I was in awe of the lionheart project and would have loved to have seen it whilst I was here in England but sadly it’s just too far away!
Shauna Richardson has inspired me to crochet more – it’s so versatile and easy to pick up (well for me it was!)

This Sydney Life

For all you regular readers of This Sydney Life, I have a small confession to make. I have finally accepted defeat. I gave it my best shot, but I will never be a crochet-er extra-ordinaire. Sadly, it is just not within me to achieve these lofty heights. My talents must lie elsewhere. And, I am gutted.

Do you want to know why…?

I keep finding these amazing artists who create amazing crochet art. I just love their work. And, Shauna Richardson is one of them.

According to her bio’, Shauna Richardson’s background is in conceptual art. She calls herself a ‘Crochetdermist’. The unique body of work she terms ‘Crochetdermy’ evolved out of the exploration of the theory that  ‘Anything can be art’. She uses crochet to sculpt realistic life-size animals – uncanny taxidermy-like forms.

Shauna has received much critical acclaim. Her work is receiving worldwide media coverage…

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2 thoughts on “Shauna Richardson and her ‘Anything Can Be Art’ Crochetdermy

    • I have managed to crochet a little pencil case – but I’ve not done anything like Shauna’s amazing work! Don’t let it put you off how complicated it looks 🙂 Have you started small? Like with a granny square motif?

      Also if you watch a youtube video of Shauna making the lions – she is only using one basic stitch the whole time but yet it looks soooo good

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