Granny square blankets on True Blood

I started watching True Blood about a month ago – I’ve taken a bit of a break recently from it – and I was pleasantly surprised to spot granny square blankets on it!

I would be more likely to copy this first blanket – it’s so pretty, I love the use of the black in it. It made me sooo happy to see it in True Blood – not just sex, blood and swearing! But crochet too!!

This crochet blanket was in Lafayette’s house – and he curled up in it after his vampire ordeal. This blanket was spotted in the second season, episodes 3 and 4 I believe.

I was happy to find that other people had spotted it too and gone as far as writing a pattern for it !

Check out the pattern on Ravelry – but the colours that the ravelry designer used are not as nice as the True blood one.



I spotted another granny square blanket on True Blood – not quite as good this time – but nonetheless granny square blankets are cool!

This blanket was seen in Series 2 Episode 2

Hope you enjoyed seeing granny squares on True Blood as much as I did!


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