Crochet blanket – The big bang theory

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I rarely watch The big bang theory and when I did I was pleasantly surprised to spot a crochet blanket 🙂

The episode is called The agreement dissection


I got some of my own photos of the crochet blanket but it is difficult to make out the pattern unlike the photo on imdb above.


Another blog that I follow – Crochetime – has mentioned this blanket too – which I only realised when I was searching for a photo of the blanket online. I really like Crochetime blog – it continues to inspire me to get better at crochet.


One thought on “Crochet blanket – The big bang theory

  1. Aaah, thanks for saying my blog is an inspiration! I’m really not a crochet guru, just sharing my love of crochet, so it’s very lovely of you to say I’m an inspiration 🙂

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