Finally getting back to plarn

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So I’ve not been able to devote myself to plarn in a long time, and now the summer is here I can start to plan what I do with my stash of plarn.

The photo is of my stash of small plarn balls – I have larger ones. I will use some of these for practice.

I hope to knit and crochet with my plarn and create bags, mats, baskets, containers, toys and sculptures.

Once I have finished turning my orange and white bags in to massive plarn balls I will turn my attention to what I want to knit and crochet! Looking forward to it! I can’t wait to get creating and experimenting with different needles and hooks to get different affects with plarn!


One thought on “Finally getting back to plarn

  1. I’ve been thinking about something useful to do out of things recyclable and this is a grand idea, will try it soon! Thanks 🙂

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