Writing about Knitting

It seems like ages ago now, but last year I wrote an article for The Tribe magazine, an online student run magazine about knitting.

It was the first article that I had ever written. It’s the start of my writing career (and I intend on having one).

It makes me somewhat nostalgic but also makes me wonder why didn’t I continue to write for them? Or at least try to?!

I submitted photos of my work along with the article which make me cringe. I have a new phone now that takes nicer photos but also I have learnt how to take better photos of my work using what camera I have.

Nonetheless I am still proud of it!

My Article in the Tribe –  http://www.thetribeonline.com/2011/11/knitting-the-real-love-of-my-life/


Plarn baskets

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I spent a lot of my summer cutting up plastic bags and making plarn, and then crocheting with it.

The reason why I chose to crochet with it instead of knitting with it was simple, I can make circular items easier than I can with knitting. Also I wanted to practice the techniques of crochet and perfect my skills in that area.

Also for some reason I find it a lot easier to design items and visualise them in crochet form. I made these baskets based on a basic pattern that I found, but it is very easy to make without a pattern, just make a round circle, then on the last round of the circle crochet into the back of the stitch to form a ridge, then continue crocheting without increasing until you have reached the desired height of your basket!

Here is the first round basket that I made –

Bottom side

This plarn basket was made out of h+m bags and various bags with flecks of red in them. Try to use bags of similar colours as that will look nicer.

Second basket 🙂

And bottom side

I used lovely lime Next bags for this basket. When my sister got married she bought a lot of things and had a lot of plastic bags as a result!!

Third basket..

And bottom side

This cream basket *with blue flecks* is made out of Next bags again.

And finally

I also made a square bottomed basket out of whiteish plarn

Now some pictures of them all together 🙂

I am really proud of them because it is something that I have never made before and it is a functional make too!

But be warned any of you who crochet with plarn, I found it a little sore on my left hand ( I am right handed) and it may be because the plarn is tougher than normal yarn. Also if you want a sturdy basket it is necessary to crochet with a smallish hook so the texture is firm, I used a 3.5cm crochet hook for them and the plarn yarn was definitely larger than dk yarn, perhaps even bulky weight.

I will post more plarny pics soon 🙂

Plarning around

Hey there! My blog has moved to knittwittowo.com 🙂 go there and subscribe so you get my latest posts – thank you and keep crafting!


Many people have asked me on my return to university what I did during the holidays.
I often pause and wonder momentarily if I should tell the truth… Or make up that I was studying all the time, which is sorta true.

What I really did however was make a lot of plarn (plastic yarn ) and crocheted a lot with it!
When I decide to tell the truth the inevitable questions arise, what is plarn? You crochet?!

Yes I crochet and knit and all I did all summer was make things, just plarning, crocheting etc

Anyhow I started making baskets out of plarn similar to this one


And then I began to make mats using all the small balls of plarn that I had.


Here is one I made with a white plarn edging!


And one with black!


Eventually I would like to do a few rounds of double crochet/single crochet around the edge as a boarder.

I made these while I was watching the olympics.

I will update soon with yet more plarn projects!

Granny square blanket

I really need to sleep but I thought I would give you a little teaser of what you will find on my facebook page 🙂


I took this photo today with instagram. You can have a look at my photos on webstagram if you wish.

I hope to make it wider and perhaps longer… I am seriously running out of wool and the whole point of this blanket was to use up random balls of wool with no purpose, so buying more doesn’t make sense. BUT I know it would look nicer somewhat larger.

In the past I bought one ball of wool of one colour, why? I have no idea. Perhaps I thought I would make more toys that don’t require much yarn, but alas no I did not make many more toys. So I was left with lots of sad lonely yarn.

Now it’s happier with all these other colours.

I will keep you updated on the progress!

xxx lots of knits and purls xxx

Facebook page and Twitter


I have just updated my blog with widgets on the right for you to like my page on facebook and to follow what I get up to on pinterest, tumblr, and instagram via Twitter.

Since I have got a new phone I am able to take lovely photos with instagram, I have a large collection of photos on it so far that I link to my facebook page.

I didn’t think that I would like photo blogging but I am addicted. Any time I have been crocheting for a while I can simply take a photo using instagram and it instantly updates my twitter and tumblr.

Despite how much I love instant photo blogging I have missed actually writing and I plan on writing more about my projects in full instead of a few words on instagram.

So keep checking as I will be blogging more that is a promise 🙂

p.s. hope you all like my granny square ensemble at the top, I took that photo this morning 🙂

Social knitting and crocheting – Pinterest!

Attic 24

I have also been seeking inspiration and happiness via Pinterest recently. I recommend anyone who is feeling low to go on Pinterest and look at pretty photos of things that they like and see if they feel a little better afterwards. Bright colours also lift one’s mood substantially!


I haven’t uploaded any of my own work to Pinterest as I prefer to repin inspiration photos or photos of knitting and crochet that I would like to copy, like the image at the top of this post. The image at the top is from a wonderful blog called Attic24

Repinning is quite a little addiction and I need to follow more people so there is a constant stream of beautiful things to look at!