Granny square blanket

I really need to sleep but I thought I would give you a little teaser of what you will find on my facebook page 🙂


I took this photo today with instagram. You can have a look at my photos on webstagram if you wish.

I hope to make it wider and perhaps longer… I am seriously running out of wool and the whole point of this blanket was to use up random balls of wool with no purpose, so buying more doesn’t make sense. BUT I know it would look nicer somewhat larger.

In the past I bought one ball of wool of one colour, why? I have no idea. Perhaps I thought I would make more toys that don’t require much yarn, but alas no I did not make many more toys. So I was left with lots of sad lonely yarn.

Now it’s happier with all these other colours.

I will keep you updated on the progress!

xxx lots of knits and purls xxx


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