My blog has moved to

Hey there! My blog has moved to an exciting new website 🙂

I have thought about having my own website for a while, 7 years actually, an old journal entry from 2010 proves it! It made me sad that for so long I have thought about owning the website name and decided to take the leap. I no longer want to hold back on what I want, so I am diving in. I plan to share my knitting, crochet, drawing and bullet journalling, so please do follow me there.


Cable Knitted Banana pattern

Hey there! My blog has moved to 🙂 go there and subscribe so you get my latest posts – thank you and keep crafting!


I have recently written up a pattern for a Cable Knitted Banana !


I am very proud of it as it the first pattern I have written – so I hope you enjoy making it !

I designed the banana a while ago for a knitting competition, but I didn’t write the pattern out properly then. So when I came to writing up my notes, they were all a bit confusing, so it took a while to finally write it up. I have tested the pattern by knitting it out again and it doesn’t take too long to knit 🙂


Here is the link to my first ever pattern Cabled Banana Pattern !

I hope this will soon be one pattern among many 🙂

Happy banana knitting !

The world at your fingertips!

My friend made a joke about how she wished she could hold the world in her hand. What she didn’t know was that I was thinking about how I could make it happen, in a knitted way of course.

I didn’t search for a knitting pattern for it that thoroughly because I wanted to design it myself. I got some inspiration from a book of Christmas baubles and I came up with my own pattern for a sphere world using 5 double pointed needles.

This is the original chart that I used for the first little knitted world ;



Here are some photos of it in progress !

20121221_205357 20121221_233417 20121221_233435 20121225_102632 20121225_102639


Once I had finished it I was so pleased with myself for having designed it all on my own!  I made two, one for my friend and one for my boyfriend. The first one that I made was slightly smaller than the second one, as you can see below ;

20121229_131052 20121229_131100


Also the first one (on the right side) had way too small ice caps. I imagine the world will look like this in the future after the ice caps have melted for a few more years!



I am super pleased with my little knitted world and I hope to come up with a pattern soon that I will list on Ravelry!

Here are some more pics of the second world that I made. It’s prettier with a nicer colour of blue for the sea 🙂

20121229_132005 20121229_131122 20121229_131005 20121229_130957 20121229_131109

Little knitted gifts for my boyfriend

Perhaps some of you keen knitters out there want to be able to knit something for your man but socks, scarves and jumpers are just too boring!

Well I decided to knit my boyfriend a little mini guitar and a knitted cricket ball! Yes they are not as useful as a jumper would be but oh well!

I made these in the summer and sent them to my boyfriend in a cute little box.



Alan Dart has a pattern for the owl and the pussy cat  and I just made the guitar.


My mum has a book with a pattern for Christmas baubles and I just made a completely red one and then embroidered on the marks.

DSCF9006 DSCF9007 DSCF9008

Writing about Knitting

It seems like ages ago now, but last year I wrote an article for The Tribe magazine, an online student run magazine about knitting.

It was the first article that I had ever written. It’s the start of my writing career (and I intend on having one).

It makes me somewhat nostalgic but also makes me wonder why didn’t I continue to write for them? Or at least try to?!

I submitted photos of my work along with the article which make me cringe. I have a new phone now that takes nicer photos but also I have learnt how to take better photos of my work using what camera I have.

Nonetheless I am still proud of it!

My Article in the Tribe –


Facebook page and Twitter

I have just updated my blog with widgets on the right for you to like my page on facebook and to follow what I get up to on pinterest, tumblr, and instagram via Twitter.

Since I have got a new phone I am able to take lovely photos with instagram, I have a large collection of photos on it so far that I link to my facebook page.

I didn’t think that I would like photo blogging but I am addicted. Any time I have been crocheting for a while I can simply take a photo using instagram and it instantly updates my twitter and tumblr.

Despite how much I love instant photo blogging I have missed actually writing and I plan on writing more about my projects in full instead of a few words on instagram.

So keep checking as I will be blogging more that is a promise 🙂

p.s. hope you all like my granny square ensemble at the top, I took that photo this morning 🙂

Social knitting and crocheting – Pinterest!

Attic 24

I have also been seeking inspiration and happiness via Pinterest recently. I recommend anyone who is feeling low to go on Pinterest and look at pretty photos of things that they like and see if they feel a little better afterwards. Bright colours also lift one’s mood substantially!

I haven’t uploaded any of my own work to Pinterest as I prefer to repin inspiration photos or photos of knitting and crochet that I would like to copy, like the image at the top of this post. The image at the top is from a wonderful blog called Attic24

Repinning is quite a little addiction and I need to follow more people so there is a constant stream of beautiful things to look at!